profile-picI am Mojinder Singh and I am from Village Payal in Ludhiana District. I have done MBA from Gulzar College, Khanna. My family consists of my father, my mother, my brother and my sister. My father is a farmer by profession and my mother is a home maker. My hobbies are photography, playing cricket and learning new techniques of agriculture. Like my father I want to pursue agriculture as my main profession although I am very passionate about photography. We have 60 acres of land on which we grow conventional crops of paddy and wheat. For paddy, we grow PUSA variety and we grow 2967 variety for paddy.  We have all the modern techniques and implements for agriculture such as tractor, thresher, leveler, plough etc. We sell our produce in Payal Mandi itself.  We also grow some organic vegetables in an acre of land for household use. We use only non-organic pesticides and fertilizers for agriculture. We also have 7 buffaloes for our household dairy needs and we grow the fodder, such as Guar, Bajra and Barseem in our farm only.



I have 60 acres of land.


I grow Wheat, Paddy and Vegetables.


We have all the agricultural implements except Combine.


I have 7 Buffaloes for household dairy needs.

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My message to farming community is to use modern implements for farming. Also the water table is receding day by day and we should take proactive steps to preserve the water table. I also want to say that the youth should take up farming as modern farming methods can give us higher yields. Most of the youth think that once you study in college and get degrees, you cannot work in the fields but I believe that working in your own fields and diversifying your agriculture can give you more returns and satisfaction than any other job in this world.


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Address: Village Payal, District Ludhiana, Punjab
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